About Washee Products

What is Washee?

Washee is a pipe and bong cleaning machine for the home. Dirty pipes are hard to smoke out of, waste greens and they can harm you. You probably already know the pain that it is to clean a pipe. All the methods out there involve you doing manual work and constantly purchasing cleaners. Washee automates the cleaning process for you and helps you keep your pipes clean for you. This translates into a lifestyle with better draw from your pipes, your greens taste much better, your high per hit increases which makes your buds last longer.   

How does Washee work?

Contrary to what you may think, Washee does not work by heating the water. Washee works mechanically. The mechanical action creates cavitations in the liquid. Cavitations are microscopic bubbles of vacuum and vapor that form inside the liquid. They are too small to be seen with the human eye but you see their effect on the surface of the liquid if you take the lid off your Washee. These cavitations exist for small periods of time as they get squashed by the pressure of the surrounding water. Their collapse knocks the resins and tars off your pipe and bongs leaving them fresh and like new. 

What are the different Washees?

Washee comes in 3 different sizes. There is a Personal, Bong and Commercial unit. The schematic on the right explains their usage difference and you can find a specification table below. 

How is Washee meant to be used?

Washee is meant to be used frequently on your pipes. Washee is designed so that you clean your piece after smoking 1/4 oz through it between 20 to 30 min. This is about every week or biweekly for many daily users. We are unable to give exact cleaning time cycles but you can use the former recommendation as a good rule of thumb. A piece that has a lot of narrow passageways or is very artistic will need more time than one that has wider passageways. 

If you think you are missing out by cleaning your pipes regularly because of the accumulated resin, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Resin is a sticky molecule that likes to stick to itself. The dirtier your pipes/bongs are, the faster they keep getting dirtier because as the smoke goes through, the resin starts capturing more and more of it. Not all the THC components get trapped in the resin however. Most THC escapes as they have a much lower vaporizing temperature. What this means is that the dirtier your pipes are, the more greens you are wasting. Accumulating resin = wasting greens. Cleaning your pipes and bongs more frequently avoids this situation which means you are getting more bang out of your greens. 

In addition, the resin and tars found in cannabis is almost identical to the one find in tobacco. So not only are you saving on greens by cleaning your pipes/bongs more often, it is much healthier for you. If you choose to leave your pipes get dirty for prolonged periods of time, you may need to use cleaners in Washee or you may have to leave it with water for prolonged periods of time. 

Is there any risk of my pipes being damaged?

Washee is completely safe on all kinds of pipes! We’ve tested hundreds of different pipes of all kinds with no problem! 

How is the inside chamber cleaned?

The inside chamber is made of Stainless Steel. The same action that cleans the pipes, cleans the chamber. Running an empty load with clean water will clean out the chamber. The picture below is of my own Personal Washee that I used regularly. It has gone through dozens of cleaning cycles and this is how it looks. 

Can Washee clean more than one bong/pipe at a time?

You can clean as many pieces as you can fit as long as they are underwater.

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