About Washee, Inc

Hi! I’m Joe, founder and creator of Washee.  I enjoy hiking and smoking… much preferably those 2 simultaneously! I studied mechanical engineering with a minor in psychology at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I’ve dedicated my engineering career in new product development for companies like Whirlpool and Qualcomm. During that time, I helped create, manufacture and deploy products to the market. Some of these products were the early Samsung phones with wireless charging capacity and others were crowdfunded like Whirlpool’s Zera. This is the first time I launch a product on my own without the veil of a large company and I’ve really enjoyed it.

I came up with Washee one day I came home from a long day at work. I was working for Whirlpool’s WLabs. We had just created Zera and we were in the midst of planning its manufacture. Any engineer that has worked in manufacturing knows how hectic the process is and how much pressure there is to meet the timeline. I got home, and I was ready to spark it and relax. I had neglected cleaning my go-to pipe for weeks because I kept getting home late and I was to tired to drive to buy cleaner. However, the day was finally upon me where I couldn’t push it any longer. 

My pipe was dirty to the point where I was barely getting any hits out of it. I had to go to the store and buy a pipe cleaner and so I did. Not only did I have to drive through snowy conditions, I still had to come back home and do the cleaning ritual where you put your pipe in a Ziploc bag and try to clean it as best as you can. Mind you say, I was ready to relax. I didn’t want to be doing all of this. In the middle of that frustration, I thought to myself “how come nobody has made a machine that cleans it for you.” Then I thought to myself, “I could make a machine that does that. How would it work?”  

That was the beginning of Washee. I decided to leave my job and dedicate myself full time to developing the product and introducing to the market. Washee, Inc is truly a very humble project. I am a team of 1. If the videos and photos look like they were shot with a cellphone, it is because they were! I know how to build things and I focused on my specialty: creating a high quality product that will not only do what it is supposed to do, it will last a very long time. I didn’t have the backing some startups get because when I started working on it, cannabis was still considered risky investments. Kickstarter said they would shut down my campaign if I decided to launch one and this is why I opted for a self-hosted pre-sale campaign. What I lacked in funding, I compensated in passion. 

I fell in love with Washee. After experimenting for over a year, I feel very confident saying I have to be one of the top experts in the world that know how to get pipes clean. I’ve been more than humbled by the response and support from the community. It has filled my heart with joy to see people get as excited about Washee as I am. I want to keep growing myself and the company and keep building cool cannabis products for all of us. Thank you once again for all of your support. I also want to personally thank my best friend from college, Mario, who invested in Washee when it was just an idea. Thank you for believing in Washee and mostly thank you for believing in me. Happy smoking!